When does the conference take place?

We're hosting The Real Skills Conference on Friday, April 24th, 2020 from 3-5pm EDT. Please plan to take your “virtual seat” in the Zoom room 15 minutes before, at 2:45pm EDT. We will be starting promptly at 3pm EDT. To convert this to your time zone, click here.

How much participation is required?

This conference is 80% participation, 20% speakers. You will be a part of group discussions among large groups (100+) and small groups (4-5). Plan to be open and share your thoughts about real skills. We will ask for volunteers to speak up throughout the conference.

What types of discussions will I be a part of?

Within the first 20 minutes, you can expect to participate in important conversations about leadership, culture, and fear. There’s no right answer here at Akimbo. We will invite you to bring in your own experiences and share your insights. Being honest and trusting each other is highly recommended to fully engage in the content.

What’s the schedule like?

We will start the conference with a welcome kick-off with Akimbo HQ, then dive into group discussions/exercises led by Akimbo coaches, small breakout discussions with 4-5 other attendees, a keynote from best-selling author and founder of Akimbo, Seth Godin, and, to end the conference, a finale with next steps. It will move quickly throughout the two hours with lots of opportunity to participate.

How is this different than an Akimbo workshop?

The Real Skills Virtual Conference will introduce you to the Akimbo community. It will help you see a new path forward.

Akimbo workshops are interactive online workshops that happen over weeks or months. They're designed around your work and your goals. These workshops are for you to dig deeper into developing real skills and to take action.

More than 23,000 people have engaged in the altMBA, the Marketing Seminar and our other workshops.

The altMBA, our flagship project, is a 30-day intensive with synchronized video meetings and group work on projects, all led by a team of alumni coaches.

The other workshops are asynchronous. You do them at your own pace, finding others as you go.

We believe that each of us has more power than ever before to see the world as it is, to contribute and to make things better.

Will I get to connect with other attendees?

Absolutely. This conference is all about connection. After registration, you’ll be given access to our closed, online discussion board to meet other attendees, learn how to use our video chat technology and more. After the conference, we will continue our conversations about real skills on the online discussion board.

How much does the conference cost?

The cost to attend is $78 per person. Space is limited, and waiting probably isn't a good idea.

Can groups join the conference together?

Each person from a group has to register on his or her own, because the registration involves getting logged in, etc.

Heads up... it is unlikely you will end up in the same conference discussion group with the people you sign up with. It’s much more likely that you will end up meeting new people and having unique experiences.

Discussion groups and coaches are all randomly assigned, so we cannot take requests for groups to be together; however, the content shared will be the same among all groups.

How do I contact you to ask a question about the program?


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