When does the conference take place?

We're hosting The Real Skills Conference on Friday, February 19th, 2021 from 3-5pm ET. Please plan to take your “virtual seat” in the Zoom room 15 minutes before, at 2:45pm ET. We will be starting promptly at 3pm ET.

To convert this to your time zone, click here. New York (3:00 - 5:00pm ET) London (8:00 - 10:00pm BST) Sydney (Saturday, February 20th at 6:00 - 8:00am AEDT)

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How much participation is required?

This magic of this conference comes from the participation of all the attendees. You will be guided by experienced coaches who facilitate group discussions among large groups (several dozen attendees) and small groups (4-5 attendees). Plan to be open and share your thoughts about real skills. This isn’t about sitting back and hearing a speaker talk. This is about showing up and discovering what matters to you.

What types of discussions will I be a part of?

You can expect to participate in important conversations about leadership, culture, teamwork and fear. There’s no right answer here at Akimbo. We will invite you to bring in your own experiences and share your insights. Being honest and trusting each other is highly recommended to fully engage in the content.

What’s the schedule like?

We will start with a welcome kick-off that includes everyone at the conference. Then, we will dive into group discussions led by Akimbo coaches, small breakout discussions with 4-5 other attendees, and end the conference with a finale to encourage you to put what you talked about into action. It will move quickly throughout the two hours with lots of opportunity to participate.

Can I join the conference from my phone?

In order to participate in the conference, you will need to be on a computer and have Zoom downloaded on your computer. We will be using features during the conference that will require being on a computer.

You will receive a step-by-step guide for how to set up and use Zoom at the end of the registration process after submitting your payment.

Note about Chromebooks: Unfortunately Chromebooks do not support the technical features in Zoom required for this conference. We wish we could do more, but sadly if a Chromebook is the only laptop or desktop computer you have access to—you won't be able to fully participate.

How is this different from an Akimbo workshop?

The Real Skills Conference will introduce you to the Akimbo community. It will help you see a new path forward and consider how you want to practice growth in the future.

Here you will begin to practice in two hours and see things differently.

Our workshops, on the other hand, are for those looking to practice in community over weeks or months. They're designed around your work and your goals. These workshops are for you to dig deeper into developing your real skills and take action.

We believe that each of us has more power than ever before to see the world as it is, to contribute and to make things better.

How much does the conference cost?

The cost to attend is $78 per person. When registration opens, click the purple circle on our site for a special discount. Heads up, the discount decreases in value over time and eventually disappears.

Space is limited, and waiting probably isn't a good idea.

Can groups join the conference together?

We encourage you to invite your boss, colleagues, and direct reports to join this virtual conference. Great teams know how to talk to one another about real skills. However, you must all register individually and use different computers.

During the conference, everyone will be split into small group discussions with other attendees, which means every person attending the conference should be on their own computer so that the group discussions are truly 4-5 people.

The magic will come from these virtual face-to-face connections between you and the other participants. This is how the majority of the conference is run.

For a group discount, email us at hello@realskillsconference.com.

Heads up... it is unlikely you will end up in the same conference discussion group with those you have invited to register and meet you there virtually. It’s much more likely that you will end up meeting new people and having unique experiences.

Discussion groups and coaches are all randomly assigned, so we cannot take requests for groups to be together; however, the content shared will be the same among all groups.

Will I get to connect with other attendees afterwards?

Absolutely. This conference is all about connection. After the conference ends, you’ll be invited to join our group on LinkedIn to meet other attendees and share AHA moments from the conference.

Will Seth Godin be a speaker inside this conference?

Seth will not appear inside the conference. This conference is about you and your work.

Instead of hearing speakers talk, you will speak up and listen in small groups, discussing questions guided by our Akimbo coaches and sharing wisdom among other attendees.

If you’ve talked to our early adopters, the past attendees who joined us for the first two iterations of this new type of conference, you may have heard Seth joined the conference live for a couple minutes to say hello in the past. This was special for the early adopters.

This is my first time doing a Zoom call. Is that ok?

You’re absolutely welcome to join us. We will provide you with a guide of how to use Zoom at the end of the registration process. Be sure to read this.

This will also include a Zoom tutorial video created by our team to watch ahead of the conference. This video will be specific to the features we will use in this conference. We highly recommend watching it to ensure you know how to participate fully whether this is your first time on Zoom or not.

This conference does move quickly, so it’s important you understand the tech ahead of time and don’t miss out on any of the content.

I can’t stay for the full two hours. Can I still join?

You must be present and tuning into the conference on time in order to participate. There will not be a recording available. A recording wouldn’t be helpful given the nature of how this conference works.

You should plan to be focused and have your video camera on during the duration of the entire conference. After all, the majority of it is participation where you’ll need to talk to the others in your small group.

Please be aware that this conference runs in New York time. We will not be able to offer refunds for those who miss the conference live.

We will be locking the doors promptly at 3:00pm ET when the conference begins. Late comers will be unable to join. We only have two hours together and are excited to dive in quickly.

This conference is broken into chapters that fit into a story arc and build on each other. The end of the conference will help attendees connect all the dots.

If you are unable to stay until the end, we highly recommend you register next time.

Can I get a refund?

Attendees can request a refund up until February 17th, 2021 at 11:59pm ET by contacting our team at hello@realskillsconference.com. If you reach out to request a refund after this date, we will not be able to fulfill your request.

Please be aware that this conference runs in New York time. We will not be able to offer refunds for those who miss the conference live. And, it will not be recorded

I attended a previous session of this conference. Is it the same content?

This is a recurring conference, which means the content is very similar each time we run it. If you enjoyed your experience the first time and would like to engage again, we would love to have you. See our note above about Seth not showing up live in the question, “Will Seth Godin be a speaker inside the conference?”

When is the next Real Skills Virtual Conference after the February 19th, 2021 session?

We hope to run it again in a few months. Stay tuned by signing up for our email list.

How do I contact you to ask a question about the program?


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