If you believe in the power of connection, and you're willing to be open and participate, it's 100% worth it.
Jeb Dickerson
If you want to have a real conversation about the ways in which you hold yourself back you need to attend this conference. Sharing stories is the most powerful way to learn and grow.
Jacqueline Wales
I immediately realized as people answered questions that I am not alone with the doubts and fears - hopes and dreams that live in me about work and life... offering and learning new things about real skills to other people. My questions are alive in others.
Michael Feeley
The 2 hours you will take for yourself will give you time to pause, explore what you need and meet unforgettable people who are very aligned with every feeling each of us have towards how we show up in the world. It's a can't miss. It will take courage to be there. It will not be easy, and it will be worth it because it's about you and how you are changing the world. You matter. Your work matters.
Lora Crestan
Best money ever spent, also the best 2 hours in a long time.
Kris Fischer
Don't expect a webinar or a lecture. Be ready to talk and discuss.
Jane Westmoreland
Amazing how a set of strangers from all over the world can form connections, share deeply, and generously support each other in such a small amount of time.
Michelle Florendo
It created a space with the right setting and tools to generate intimate conversations with people all around the world.
Nelcy Nunez
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