How It Works

A digital conference allows you to tune in and participate in the conference no matter where you are. No trains, planes, or automobiles needed. Just a computer and some quiet space.

Throughout the conference, you will be a part of larger group video chats, and smaller groups of 4-5 attendees. We will all start the conference together and end together.

The speaker line-up includes exceptional leaders from the Akimbo Community and a keynote from best-selling author and founder of Akimbo, Seth Godin. This conference is 80% participation and 20% speakers.

Before the conference, you can take these steps to ensure you’re prepared to fully participate:

  • When you register to attend, we will share a special link that you will need to click on the day of the conference to join the video call. Keep this link safe. Bookmark it. Put it in your calendar. If you lose it, email
  • Shortly after registration, you will receive a confirmation email with your virtual conference badge and instructions for the day of the conference (check your promo folder!).
  • The key thing to do before conference day is Download Zoom on your computer and test it out by opening it up. This is the free software we will use to run the conference, so be ready.
  • 15 minutes before the conference begins (on April 24th at 2:45pm EDT), revisit the link you were given during the registration process. That web page will be updated at that time to include your link to the Zoom call.
  • Simply click the Zoom link to take your “virtual seat”.

Here are some handy tips to look your best and be prepared for the Zoom video call.

  1. Sit close to the screen. Your face should fill most of it.
  2. If you can, use an external microphone or headset.
  3. When you’re not talking, hit mute.
  4. Don’t eat during the conference.
  5. When you’re on mute on a video call, act like you’re truly engaged. Nod your head. Focus on the screen. Don’t get up and feed your dog.
  6. Don’t sit with the window behind you. A little effort on lighting goes a very long way.
  7. When you’re talking, spend some time looking at the camera, not the screen. You’ll appear more earnest and honest this way.
  8. When you’re talking, go slow. No one is going to steal your slot.

If you’re interested in joining us, click here to sign up for our email list to be alerted when registration opens.

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